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Pump: Busch 063m3 pump (standard)
Mould: 1 cavity mould
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SKIN PACKING - Skin packaging applies vacuum technologies to thermo-sealing machines.

It consists of the upper film enclosing both the product and its tray, fitting around it like a second skin. Vacuum packaging further extends product shelf life.

The easy-peel packaging materials result in increased ease of opening for the end user (OPTIONAL).

Skin packaging is ideal for attractive product presentation, complete sealing, minimized product damage, high safety standards, and enhanced hygiene and preservation.

By extending their shelf-life, skin packaging results in the increased commercial life of foodstuffs.

Visibility of the product is also improved, allowing products to be displayed vertically, thus reducing food waste and returns by enhancing shelf replenishment and stock rotation processes.

When packaged in skin conditions, meat and meat products continue their maturation process for enhanced tenderness, adequate texture, and optimum taste.

Once opened the product is immediately exposed to Oxygen and will only take a few minutes to regain its natural bright colour, without altering taste and freshness.

There are three different versions of skin packaging on the Oceania tray packer: non-protrusion, protrusion & protrusion onto a flat board.

NON-PROTRUSION - the height of the product does not exceed the depth of the tray in which it is packaged, to deliver optimum skin performance the tray height should be around 25-30mm

PROTRUSION - the height of the product exceeds the depth of the tray in which it is packaged, to deliver optimum skin performance the tray height must not exceed 20mm. The product can protrude above the tray lip by up to 30mm (standard) or 50mm (OPTIONAL)

PROTRUSION ONTO FLAT BOARD - a cutting-edge evolution of protrusion skin packaging using flat product support instead of traditional packaging methods. The product can protrude above the support by up to 30mm (standard) or 50mm (OPTIONAL). This method allows for the use of flat packaging surfaces including cardboard, thus reducing the need for plastic. The method further offers multiple printing options, thus providing a wide array of custom-designed product packaging solutions.

As well as skin packaging, the Olympus MAP Skin packer can also MAP pack by the purchase of and additional base plate for the tray die/mould.

MAP - The introduction of the desired food gas mixture into the tray results in extended product life cycles and the optimum atmospheres for enhanced product quality and freshness throughout the shelf-life.

Compared to over-the-counter food stuffs, packaging is safer and tamper-proof with reduced spoilage, waste and returns.

The use of increasingly suitable and advanced food gas combinations means the product maintains its original colour, taste, and freshness unaltered.

Not only does the extended shelf-life of MAP products allow our customers to significantly simplify distribution with less frequent deliveries, it also fosters shelf management systems and maximizes turnover during promotional sales and peak demand periods.

Vacuum & gas MAP is a packaging process that involves creating a vacuum to remove the air from the package, followed by the injection of the desired gas mixture via different pressures. The tray is then sealed trapping the gas mixtures inside with your product.

The Italian Pack Olympus tray packer is a semi-automated machine that has been designed to meet all the needs of the packaging industry with models available for sealing, partial vacuum, skin, gas flush and MAP. 

The Italian Pack Olympus features a rotating turntable to reduce downtime, this allows for the simultaneous loading and unloading of trays from one side while the packaging cycle is being completed in the chamber on the opposite side. An automatic tray lifter is also available (OPTIONAL) in the tray loading/unloading section for increased speeds. The same duly configured die/mould also allows for different types of packaging: seal only, MAP, and Skin Packing.

Italian Pack Olympus can pack up to 28 trays/min in seal-only mode, 16 trays/min in MAP mode, and 12 trays/min in Skin mode.

The special film waste rewinder, a PLC touch screen to monitor machine parameters, and dedicated die/mould extraction and change systems are some of the technical features that make this machine stand out among others.

PLC Touch Screen: 7" Omron PLC touch screen, colour display, USB port/Ethernet, 99 packaging programs, language selection, integrated temperature control, menu-driven MAP parameters. 

Tool-less die changing: the ability to remove and replace the tray die/mould without the use of tools within 2 minutes

Auto film rewinding: Automatically rewinds the waste film, with programmable film advance leads to significant film waste reduction.

Rotating Turntable: loading and packing on a rotating turntable considerably cuts cycle times and maximizes output

Stainless Steel Construction: Robust stainless steel construction on a 1.2cm thick plate

Electric Box: AISI 304 stainless steel electric box, wire welded frame, numbered cables, easily accessible for optimized ease of cleaning. Hinged stainless steel panel for easy opening.


  • External Dimensions 1055 x 1102 x 1510mm
  • Max Tray Depth 140mm
  • Max Film Width 370mm
  • Max Film Diameter 250mm
  • Pump Type Busch 063m3 (not suitable for high Oxygen - red meat)
  • Pump Type Busch 063m3 O2 (for packing red meats/pork etc)
  • Power 1.55 - 5kW (3 phase)
  • Skin Type Nonprotrusion (product cannot protrude above the top of tray)
  • Options included a special tray holder to save gas and increase cycle speed and 8 filler plates.
  • Other required products Air compressor, a set of gas regulators for gas bottle

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