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Pump: Busch 100m3 pump (standard)
Mould: 1 cavity mould
Price from (ex. VAT):
Sale price$71,237.00
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The introduction of the desired food gas mixture into the tray results in extended product life cycles and the optimum of atmospheres for enhanced product quality and freshness throughout the shelf-life.

Compared to over-the-counter food stuffs, the packaging is safer and tamper-proof with reduced spoilage, waste and returns.

The use of increasingly suitable and advanced food gas combinations means the product maintains its original colour, taste, and freshness unaltered.

Not only does the extended shelf-life of MAP products allow our customers to significantly simplify distribution with less frequent deliveries, it also fosters shelf management systems and maximizes turnover during promotional sales and peak demand periods.

Vacuum & gas MAP is a packaging process that involves creating a vacuum to remove the air from the package, followed by the injection of the desired gas mixture via different pressures. The tray is then sealed trapping the gas mixtures inside with your product.

The Italian Pack Perseus Skin Packer is a fully automated machine that has been designed to meet all the needs of the packaging industry with different models available for sealing, partial vacuum, skin, gas flush, and MAP.

The distinctive feature of the entire Perseus line is its high-quality, high-speed, high-safety performance that is typical of more expensive machines with bigger footprints.

Constant research into new technologies has helped Italian Pack develop a compact machine that masterfully combines a state-of-the-art, cutting-edge system with user-friendly highly reliable equipment.

What sets the Perseus tray packers apart is the possibility to customer design them and to integrate them with additional technical components to meet complete line requirements.

After decades of designing and manufacturing sophisticated packaging lines, our technical office is able to offer turnkey, complex packaging solutions fitted with infeed and outfeed conveyors, tray aligners, tray denesters, checkweighers., vibration and dosing units as well as markers.

Italian Pack Perseus Tray Packers can pack up to 60 trays/min in seal-only mode, 32 trays/min in MAP mode, and 28 trays/min in Skin mode. The same duly configured die/mould allows for different types of packaging: seal-only, MAP, and Skin.

The special film waste re-winder, a PLC touch screen to monitor machine parameters, and dedicated die/mould extraction and change systems are some of the technical features that make this machine stand out among others.

Its small features, competitive price, and low operating costs make this machine ideal for high-efficiency and high-performance standards.

Easy Opening: easy opening without tools for daily cleaning

Electric box: AISI 304 IP67 stainless steel electric box, wire welded frame, numbered cables, ensures easy access for cleaning operations.

Easy Access: Access to sealing, vacuum units and feeding chains through front door for quick and easy maintainance and cleaning operations.

PLC Touch Screen Control Panel: 7" PLC touch screen, 65000 display colours, USB/ethernet, 99 packaging programs, language selection, integrated temperature control, menu-driven MAP, parameters, skin tray, and gradual vacuum.

Optional Gas Buffer Tank: stainless steel gas buffer tank with pressure regulator for use when wanting to MAP as well as Skin pack

Optional Dosing Unit: Automatic dosing of solids, liquids and granules.

Optional Tray Denester: tray denester with up to 4 lines. Quick format change available.

Optional Modular conveyor Lines: Infeed conveyors are available in different sizes, all suitable for any custom-designed system and for integration with tray denesters, dosing machines, and loading positions, also specials with food vibrators and weighers.

Optional Motor Driven Outfeed conveyor Line: motorized outfeed conveyor allows for the channeling of multiple tray lines into a single tray line for weighing, labeling, and metal detection.

Optional Teleservice: Remote Tele assistance via the company modem.

Optional 90' Infeed Conveyor: automatic tray infeed system with a 90-degree conveyor from 1 to several tray lines

Optional Auto infeed conveyor: automatic tray in-line conveyor from 1 to several tray lines

If you are just looking for a tray packer that will seal your product in a tray but without the injection of an inert gas mixture then please take a look at the Seal Only Tray packaging machines.

If you require a machine that can skin pack as well as MAP pack, then take a look at the Italian Pack Skin Packer range. OR the Italian Pack Skin Flat Board Tray Packer Range.


  • External Dimensions 2738 x 849 x 1552mm
  • Max Tray Depth 110mm standard (165mm optional)
  • Max Film Width 480mm
  • Max Film Diameter 300mm
  • Pump Type Busch 100m3 (not suitable for packing red meats / pork etc)
  • Pump Type Busch 100m3 O2 (for packing red meats / pork etc)
  • Power 3.8kW (3 phase)
  • Cycle Time upto 28 trays/min
  • MAP Type Vacuum & gas
  • Weight 450kg
  • Other required products Air compressor, set of gas regulators for gas bottle

Special options fitted as standard: 

  • Special tray holder to save gas and increase cycle speed
  • Film pre-heating for skin packing
  • Schmersal IP67 buttons with stainless steel remote button panel
  • 4 x chamber filling plates
  • Automatic chain grease unit
  • Stainless steel guards

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