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  • Made of AISI304 – EN 1.4301 stainless steel. Cooking tanks in AISI316L – EN 1.4404
  • Heavy-duty structure on six height-adjustable stainless steel feet.
  • Mixer with gear reducer under the bowl, blades easy to remove and clean. Adjustable speed. Teflon scrapers.
  • Fine satin finish inside the tank, to prevent gelatinous products, sugars, etc. from sticking.
  • Rockwool fiber insulation
  • No corners or welds, to facilitate cleaning and avoid possible bacterial proliferation. (IFS regulations). Degree of protection IP55.

Electrical Characteristics

  • Electrical panel incorporated in the column with a 7” HMI touch screen. Automatic control by PLC with the programming of recipes. Security in the mixers and opening of the lids through security detectors.

Two working modes

  • Automatic:
    • Automatic thermal power economizer.
    • Right or left agitation rotation time, rest time, agitation speed, minimum speed selector, working temperature, working time, and acoustic signal when tilting.
  • Work in manual mode:
    • Time control, end of cycle control, and temperature through PT-100 probe.
    • End of cooking acoustic signal.


  • Work in Manual Mode with Aditec MKA-120 microprocessor programmer.
  • Time control, end of cycle control and temperature through PT-100 probe and oil.
  • End of cooking buzzer, + Recipes.


  • The cookers are equipment that requires strict safety measures, both in their construction and in their use.
  • Our cooking tanks incorporate maximum quality rock wool thermal insulation to offer greater personal protection to the user and improve the safety of the process, in addition to reducing heat loss, reducing the environmental impact and increasing the sustainability of the cooking process.
  • All electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, steam components, burners, insulation, etc. that we install in our cookers are from world-renowned manufacturers and comply with the standards
  • All our cookers comply with the regulations and, where required, are verified by the following bodies: TÜV NORD Certification, TÜV NORD Cualicontrol, APPLUS Certification Technological Center and SCI Control & Inspection
  • They also conform to DIN 18855 for cooking equipment

Our electric cookers comply with the standards and, in particular, and among others, with the Electrical Safety Directives 2006/95/CE, Standard EN60335-2-47, Electromagnetic Compatibility Directives 2004/108/CE, Standards EN61000-6- 2, EN61000-6-4 and EN61000-3-2


  • No corners and welds, to facilitate cleaning and avoid possible bacterial proliferation. IFS standards.

Energy saving

  • Our cookers incorporate maximum quality rock wool thermal insulation to reduce heat loss, environmental impact and increase the sustainability of the cooking process, as well as offering greater personal protection to the user and improving the safety of the process.
  • The processor includes an automatic start-up and time-out program.

Quality Control

  • All our cookers are strictly verified and tested by our Quality Control department before dispatch. They comply with the Regulations and, where required, are verified by the following bodies: TÜV NORD Certification, TÜV NORD Qualicontrol, APPLUS Certification Technological Center, and SCI Control & Inspection.


  • Automatic by a hydraulic system (Cylinder) 

Products that can be made in the JCE/JCS cookers (the help of an external stirrer is required)

  • Prepared dishes or their ingredients: Stews, goulash, chili con carne, meat with sauce, oriental dishes with meat, chicken, fish or vegetables, ratatouille, fillings for pies, scrambled eggs, sauerkraut, pasta, rice, couscous, creamed spinach, mashed potato, rice pudding, grits
  • Sauces: Tomato sauce, mushroom sauce, cheese sauce, pepper sauce, Bolognese with minced meat, bechamel sauce, with onion, with other types of vegetables or with meat. Dipping sauces, ketchup, barbecue, and, in general, any type of sauce, with or without solid ingredients.
  • Soups and creams: Soups and creams with or without vegetables, meat or fish, cheese, etc. In general, any type of soup
  • Other products: Baby food, jams, and preserves, chocolate, fruit for fillings or toppings


  • Model: JCE 1000
  • Dimensions mm: 2660x1800x1670
  • Dimensions tank mm: Ø1250×900
  • kw: 60
  • Amp: 91
  • Motor kw paddles: 4
  • Hydraulic tilting KW: 0.75

In models 700L and 1000L the dimensions are with the covers with automatic opening.

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