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The Kolbe AWM56 industrial mixer grinder is the largest in the Kolbe range.

The AWM56 is based on the AWM52 mixer grinder but features a 56-size head, larger main drive motor, and greater throughput.

The mixer grinder has the same 220 litre hopper as the AWM52 which is capable of holding up to 200kg of product at any one time. The mincer grinder is constructed from high quality stainless steel using Kolbe's methods of 'over engineering' which results in a truly magnificent mixer grinder.

The main drive motor of the mixer grinder is as standard 30kW. The machine comes as standard with variable speed, hopper, and loosening device.

The AWM52 mincer grinder also has Kolbe's 'auto-reverse system' which ensures that all prodcut in the hopper is mixed consistently by spinning the worm backwards for a few seconds to force the product back up into the hopper, whilst the mixing paddle changes direction. 

The mixer grinder takes plates that are 160mm in diameter and comes with various different sized holes to produce the perfect end result every time. These knives and plates are available to buy direct from our website.

  • Mixer Grinder External Dimensions (WxDxH) see diagrams
  • Mixer Grinder Hopper Capacity 220ltr / 440lb
  • Mixer Grinder Throughput (dependant on product) 4000kg/h
  • Mixer Grinder Main Drive Motor 40HP (30kW)
  • Mixer Grinder Feeding Worm Motor 2HP (1.5kW)
  • Mixer Grinder Weight 1000kg

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