Lakidis PL900 Twin Paddle Mixer

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This is a mixing machine capable of mixing meat and various other food products. It has a rigid construction and is completely made from stainless steel. It meets all EC safety regulations.

The machine bowl has a 900litre capacity. The bowl is protected by a safety lid which closed through a pneumatic system. Inside the bowl, the product is mixed with two paddles each turning into the other. Each paddle is placed at different heights within the bowl. The mixing speed can be adjusted with a microprocessor controller. The direction of the paddle rotation and the duration of this rotation can be also adjusted from the same controller.

The user can view the product through a special step ladder that is built on the machine body. The product after mixing can be emptied into a 200 litre bin, through a special opening placed on the lowest point of the front side of the machine. On top, a special protection cover is placed.

  • without loader: 180x115x170cm
  • with loader: 180x200x240cm

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