Lakidis PLV1500 Twin Paddle Mixer

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A very strong machine made completely from stainless steel. It is specially designed to process big quantities of products. The mixer is equipped with a bowl that can contain up to 1500 liters of product. This bowl container is safely closed with a heavy-duty stainless steel cover. A thick rubber band ensures the tight closing between the cover and the bowl container during the vacuum process.

  • The bowl container embodies two specially designed mixing arms, paddle-shaped, placed in separate levels of the bowl.
  • Two Product Outlet doors allow processed food to exit the machine. This is ideal for speed during emptying and not over mixing in an effort to direct towards the exit.
  • Top Bowl cover is opened with a hydraulic system
  • Two front Product outlet doors are opened with a pneumatic system
  • There is a protective rail around the bowl of the mixer when pressed machine stops (non-vacuum version)
  • An observation platform comes at the side of the machine, to assist with viewing and cleaning
  • The column loader for 200lit bins is attached to the machine
  • 200lit bin is inserted under the product outlet doors with Teflon drivers
  • Mixer stands on four (4) heavy-duty RUBBER feet
  • Machine is completely closed underneath, so no dirty comes inside when cleaning
  • There is a separate control board inside it.


  • Maximum Bowl Capacity:               1500L
  • Mixing Capacity:                              300- 800kg depending on the product
  • Weight of Machine;                         3000 Kg approximately
  • Motors:                                            2 x 8 Kw
  • Loader Motor:                                 1,1 kw
  • Hydraulic Pump Motor:                   2,2 kw
  • Vacuum Pump Motor:                     1,1 kw
  • Vacuum Pump:                               63 m3/h


  • 2 separate mixing paddles
  • Each Paddle can rotate clockwise & anti-clockwise
  • Each Paddle can rotate at different speeds
  • Mixing Control Timer
  • Vacuum

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