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The Medoc MG350 Slicer has nearly all stainless steel construction and is suitable for customers that require a slicing machine capable of slicing high capacities.

The MG350 slicer has a 350mm or 14" blade with plastic buttons and rubber covers creating a slicer button with IP66 rating. The slicer has a blade protection ring, and a safety device on the blade cover for extra safe slicer blade removal.

The slicer has a high quality gear box drive system producing 0.4HP through a top quality German slicing blade. It slices with an extremely smooth action and features an integrated automatic slicer blade sharpener.

If you are looking for a meat slicer with a smaller diameter blade please look at the Medoc MG300 slicer, or if you prefer to save some money and have an anodised aluminium body then look at the Medoc USA300 or USA350 slicers. 

For vertical slicing of fresh meat or bacon please look at the Medoc MB350 slicer or Omega S5 slicers. 

  • External dimensions (WxDxH) 590x775x455mm
  • Blade size 350mm (14")
  • Slice thickness 0-25mm adjustable
  • Gripper Spike Depth 2mm (leaving 3mm of product)
  • Motor 0.4HP
  • Weight 68kg
  • Construction rounded stainless steel
  • Feet type stainless steel with rubber base
  • Button type plastic with rubber covers and IP66 rating
  • Drive type gear driven

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