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Medoc TM32 Tabletop Meat Mincer: Where Quality Meets Performance

Introducing the Medoc TM32 Tabletop Meat Mincer, a pinnacle of excellence in the world of meat processing. Crafted from premium stainless steel, this powerful 32-sized meat mincing machine is engineered to elevate your meat preparation game to new heights.

Precision Engineering:

  • Stainless Steel Construction: The Medoc TM32 stands as a testament to quality craftsmanship, boasting a construction entirely in high-quality stainless steel. This ensures not only durability but also a sanitary environment for meat processing.

  • Powerful Performance: Equipped with a robust 3HP main drive motor and a crown drive transmission, the Medoc TM32 delivers power and precision that's essential for superior meat mincing.

Enhanced Sanitization:

  • Hygienic Design: The large feedpan of the meat mincer is thoughtfully designed with rounded corners and no dirt traps. This design feature promotes easy cleaning and ensures optimal sanitization, a crucial aspect of food safety.

Versatile Options:

  • Customizable Processing: The meat mincer comes standard with a 4.5mm plate with a four-bladed knife and a manual plunger. However, it's designed to accommodate different sizes of meat mincing plates and knives, allowing you to tailor your meat processing to your specific needs.

Efficiency and Reliability:

  • Quick Cleaning: The entire meat mincing head, ring, and worm are effortlessly detachable for swift and thorough cleaning, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

  • High Throughput: With a wide throat that can accommodate thicker cuts of meat, combined with the large feedpan, the Medoc TM32 achieves a remarkable throughput of 750kg/h.

Exceptional Value for Money:

  • Spanish Excellence: Designed and constructed in Spain, the Medoc TM32 is a reliable meat mincer that offers exceptional value for money, catering to your meat processing needs with precision and efficiency.

Discover the ultimate in meat processing with the Medoc TM32 Tabletop Meat Mincer. Crafted for durability, precision, and efficiency, this machine is your gateway to elevating your meat preparation processes. Whether you're a professional in the culinary industry or a meat enthusiast, the Medoc TM32 is your partner for excellence in every cut.

Key Specifications:

  • Professional Dimensions: With external dimensions of 410x610x580mm, the Medoc TM32 boasts a robust and compact design that optimizes performance without compromising space.

  • Versatile Electric Supply: Available in 1-phase or 3-phase options, this meat mincer adapts to your electrical setup for seamless operation.

  • Impressive Throughput: With a powerful 3HP motor, the Medoc TM32 achieves an outstanding throughput of 750kg/h, ensuring efficiency and productivity.

  • Premium Materials: Crafted from stainless steel, both the body and head of the Medoc TM32 exemplify durability, ensuring longevity and top-tier performance.

Elevate your meat processing game with the Medoc TM32 Tabletop Meat Mincer and experience the synergy of quality, power, and precision in every cut.

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