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The MHS Premium industrial bread slicer is a powerful, hygienic premium bread slicing machine. The bread slicer is extremely easy to use with the simple push of a button. The bread slicing machine has 3 quick start buttons with the facility to save slice thicknesses to each button. The MHS bread slicer shown above is the standard model however they do produce this machine as a slim version for customers who have little space but still require high standards in their bread slicing requirements.

The MHS Premium commercial bread slicer is very quick and easy to clean with a hermetic encapsulation of the drive and electronics in the cutting chamber. The bread slicer is made from stainless steel and has a removable front cover for easy cleaning of the blades and the cutting chamber without having to move the machine. The rear wall is removable as well without the use of tools for even easier cleaning of the back cutting chamber - this is Unique to MHS bread slicing machines

The MHS Premium bread slicer is highly efficient due to a minimal amount of bread being left on the gripper, an extremely durable blade thanks to its special coating and original MHS sharpening. The bread slicer also has an intuitive, straightforward operation without complicated menu guidance. The main drive of the bread slicing machine is with a frequency converter that protects the mechanical parts due to soft start-up and soft stopping.

The MHS Premium bread slicing machine cuts quietly and is oil-free with the new innovative round blade system. The bread slicer can have slice thicknesses freely selectable in 0.5mm steps. There is also the function to be able to set how many slices you want the bread slicer to produce before it stops. The bread slicer can cut a loaf of bread in half and does not use a light barrier.

  • External Dimensions (WxDxH) 800x1130x710mm
  • Max Slices per Minute 160
  • Slice thickness 4-24mm
  • Max Input Width 320mm
  • Max Input Length 390mm
  • Max Input Height 140-160mm
  • Weight 200kg
  • Blade Type Circular knife with 420mm diameter 

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