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The MHS Premium Touch industrial bread slicer is a more intelligent version of the MHS Premium bread slicing machine. The Premium Touch bread slicer comes with a touch screen display and can be operated quickly and easily without lengthy training periods for staff. The touch screen display on the bread slicer comes with 3 quick start buttons that can be programmed with your preferred settings.

The slicing of warm bread is just one of the reasons to move towards the MHS Premium Touch bread slicer, with the machine coping and producing extremely accurate and straight slices. 

The Premium Touch commercial bread slicer does not use a light barrier for measurement and the slicing of the bread is done with very high quality due to the circular round blade cutting system. the bread slicing machine has the function of cutting loaves of bread by a number of slices, dividing and cutting in half. The construction of the Premium Touch bread slicer is very durable due to the stainless steel housing, robust extraction tray with crumb slots, and powerful blade drive of 1.5kW with frequency converter. This frequency converter allows for a soft start and stops the blade action. 

The front of the MHS Premium Touch bread slicer can be changed to suit your current bakery colour scheme, standard colours of high gloss black and white, with the option of stainless steel, wood decor, or your own design. This allows for seamless integration into your existing bakery setup. 

The hygiene and cleaning of the bread slicer could not be easier, with front doors to help access to clean the blade and cutting chamber and an extraction tray that tilts forward. No tools are required to remove the extraction tray.

The Premium Touch bread slicer shown above is the standard version, however, MHS also makes a larger and smaller version of this model bread slicer.

For more information on the MHS range of bread slicers please click here to view their website.

  • External Dimensions (WxDxH) 800x1100x730mm
  • Max Slices per Minute 220
  • Slice thickness 4-24mm
  • Max Input Width 350mm
  • Max Input Length 400mm
  • Max Input Height 140-160mm
  • Weight 220kg
  • Blade Type Circular knife with 420mm diameter 

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