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PINTRO Hamburger Patty Former: Efficient Patty Production Made Simple

The PINTRO Hamburger Patty Former is designed to streamline hamburger patty production with remarkable efficiency, enabling a single operator to craft up to 700 patties per hour.

This innovative machine facilitates the creation of patties in various weights, sizes, and shapes while retaining a traditional appearance. Offering ease of use and maintenance, it's a versatile solution for meeting patty production demands.

The Pintro Hamburger Patty Former is designed to be connected to a sausage filler and works much like the Sheerline Burger Machine.

Key Features and Applications:

  • High Production Capacity: With the capability to produce up to 700 patties per hour, this patty former is suitable for a range of establishments and needs.

  • Versatility: The machine accommodates patties of different weights, sizes, and shapes, allowing for customization while preserving the classic patty appearance.

  • User-Friendly: The patty former is designed for easy operation, ensuring that both experienced and novice operators can utilize it efficiently.

  • Low Maintenance: Maintenance is hassle-free, contributing to the overall efficiency of the machine.

Ideal for Various Settings:

The PINTRO Hamburger Patty Former is a valuable addition to a variety of food-related establishments, including:

  • Small and large butcher shops
  • Catering and party service enterprises
  • Industrial kitchens
  • (Hamburger) restaurants

Easy Integration with Sausage Fillers:

The Hamburger Patty Former includes an adapted flange that enables seamless connection to virtually every sausage filler, whether hydraulic or vacuum type. This integration enhances versatility and simplifies the production process.

Enhance your patty production capabilities with the PINTRO Hamburger Patty Former, offering efficiency, customization, and ease of operation to meet the demands of various food businesses.

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