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Burger Size: 4” 2oz/4oz
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Sheerline Burger Unit: Elevate Burger Production with Precision and Efficiency

The Sheerline burger unit stands as a testament to exceptional craftsmanship, blending stainless steel and perspex to create a high-quality machine. This versatile burger maker can be seamlessly attached to a wide range of sausage fillers, achieved through a specially designed adapter that utilizes the sausage filler's locking ring.

Key Features and Advantages:

  • High-Quality Construction: The Sheerline burger unit is meticulously crafted with a combination of stainless steel and perspex, ensuring both durability and visual appeal.

  • Adaptable Design: The burger machine's unique adapter allows it to be connected to a diverse array of sausage fillers, facilitating a streamlined and integrated production process.

  • Impressive Output: Capable of producing up to 1500 burgers per hour, the Sheerline burger unit combines precision engineering with swift performance.

  • Size Options: Choose between 4" (92mm) or 5" (125mm) diameter options, tailoring your burgers to meet specific preferences.

  • Variable Weight: Each size option is accompanied by different thickness plates, enabling the creation of burgers with varying weights. The 4" version includes plates for 2oz (50g) and 4oz (100g) burgers, while the 5" version offers plates for 4oz (100g) and 6oz (150g) burgers.

  • Effortless Operation: The burger meat is guided from the sausage filler into the machine's chamber, where it takes on the desired size and shape. A manual lever situated atop the unit activates the mechanism, rotating the disks and releasing the formed burger from the machine's base.

For those seeking a fully automatic burger machine, the Formatic burger machine - Model R2200 - offers an appealing solution.

Alternatively, if a manual burger press is preferred, the Sirman burger machines warrant consideration.

Burger papers, essential for these machines, are conveniently available for purchase through our website or via our dedicated spares department.


  • Traditional Appearance: Create burgers with an authentic, hand-pressed look.
  • High Output: Capable of producing up to 1500 burgers per hour.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Adaptable to fit a wide range of sausage fillers.
  • Diameter Options: Available in 4" (92mm) or 5" (125mm) sizes.
  • Variable Weights: Each size supports two different burger weight options.
  • Additional Information: Further details can be found in the product description.

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