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Sirman SA130 Burger Press: Perfect 5" Burger Crafting

Discover the Sirman SA130 Burger Press, a 5" version of Sirman's renowned burger press series. Crafted from an anodized aluminium alloy with a stainless steel burger mould, this burger press is designed for convenience and easy cleaning.

Streamlined Design for Efficiency:

The Sirman SA130 Burger Press features a round design that simplifies cleaning and maintenance. Equipped with rubber feet, this press remains stable on work surfaces, ensuring reliable performance.

Effortless Operation:

Using the burger press is a straightforward process:

  1. Pull down the burger press lever on the side, which moves the plunger 90 degrees and then downwards into the burger mould.
  2. The plunger forms the minced meat into the desired burger shape within the mould.
  3. Move the lever back in the same manner to push the formed burger out of the mould, aided by an internal pusher plate.
  4. The burger is now ready for packaging.
  5. The burger paper holder on top of the press conveniently stores numerous papers.

Variety in Sizes:

Explore other sizes within the Sirman burger press range:

  • SA100 Burger Press (4" version)
  • SA150 Burger Press (6" version)

Alternative Options:

Consider the Sheerline Burger Machine, a manually operated device that can be attached to a sausage filler for filling. For a fully automatic solution, the Formatic Burger Machine - Model R2200 offers efficient and automated burger production.

With the Sirman SA130 Burger Press, you can create perfectly shaped and consistent 5" burgers with ease, making it an essential tool for any food establishment.

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