Talsa REA250L Ham Cooker

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The Talsa REA250 litre water cooker is constructed in stainless steel and has adjustable feet to stabilise the water cooker on uneven surfaces.

The water cooker is capable of holding up to 15 hams at one time in its 200 litre chamber. The REA250 water cooker runs off a 3phase electric supply for easy installation, operation, and maintenance. The water cooker only requires one annual service where the thermal fluid is checked. There is no exhaust flue to exhaust combustion gases/smoke or any other special planning required.

The REA250 water coker comes as standard with an automatic time and temperature Aditec Germany control, which is linked to the machine with a 4m cable.

The REA250 water cooker features a greater kW electric power meaning that cooking times are improved, higher than most other water cookers in the industry.

The water cooking machine includes an intermediate stainless steel thermal oil chamber that has a built-in internal expansion tank. The oil used is Shell high-performance thermal fluid and this allows the uniform heating of the chamber resulting in better cooking and eliminates the possibility of products burning.


  • Water Cooker External Dimensions (WxDxH) 1030x1070x1040mm
  • Water Cooker Internal Dimensions (WxDxH) 670x700x540mm
  • Water Cooker Capacity 15 ham (250 litre)
  • Water Cooker Power5kW 18A 3PH
  • Water Cooker Weight 289kg

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