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The TSE Tenderiser is an electrically operated meat tenderiser designed for medium sized meat processors wanting to save time, improve quality of their product and reduce the work involved with manual tenderising.

When the tenderiser is turned on the board is pulled towards the operator, meat is then placed on the board and the board then pushed underneath the tenderiser blade block. In order to activate the blade block the lid needs to be pressed down until the required amount of tenderising is met. The board is then pulled back towards yourself and the process started again, it could not be easier to use.

For safety reasons the Tenderiser has front and rear safety guards which are transparent and have magnetic cut-out systems which turn the tenderiser off as soon as one of the doors is opened.

The TSE features unique round needles that will tenderise to the highest of standards while leaving little or no signs that the product has been tenderised. Each blade on the tenderiser has been designed and sharpened so as not to shred or tear the meat fibres. Likewise the diagonal positioning of each tenderising blade makes the tenderising invisible and gives an excellent spread of incisions, which means that the meat retains its original appearance, but becomes tender and juicy, just the way your customer likes it.

The TSE can be washed with a pressure washer and will dismantle in seconds for sanitisation, with all the parts that come into contact with the meat being quick and easy to dismantle and sterilise.

The meat tenderiser can take pieces of meat up to 140mm in thickness, and the area over which it can be tenderised is 50x40cm.

Tenderstar also manufacture other models of tenderiser, from the manual Economical and Stainless steel models, to the fully automatic TSAB tenderiser.

We also sell the KT-PK tenderiser which is a 'letterbox' style tenderiser which can also double up as a strip cutter when the relevant attachment is added.


  • Tenderiser External Dimensions (WxDxH) 1800x1200x600mm
  • Tenderiser Max Product Height 140mm
  • Tenderiser Area that can be tenderised 300mm
  • Tenderiser Number of needles 540
  • Tenderiser Width of needles 2 or 3mm
  • Tenderiser Weight 180kg

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