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Manufacturer: Thoga
Fits: Thoga Automatic Meat Processing Machine
There are a variety of accessories to use with the Thoga. There are all genuine Thoga parts:

* Stand - required if using the machine as freestanding, rather than wall mounted
* Air Gun - for precise and thorough cleaning

Required to make Skewers:
* Skewer Accessory

Required to make Meatballs
* Meatball Accessory with either 20, 30 or 40 mm size plate.

Meatball optional extras (please note the Meatball Accessory is required in addition to one of these plates):

* 20mm size meatball plate
* 30mm size meatball plate
* 45mm size meatball plate


Required to make Burgers
* Patty Former - which includes moulds for 100 & 150mm burgers
Burger optional extras (please note a Patty Former is required in addition to one of these moulds):
* Hamburger Mould - 60mm
* Hamburger Mould - 110mm
* Hamburger Mould - 130mm
* Custom Shape Hamburger Mould - please contact us to discuss required shape

Required to make Sheeter meat:
* Sheeter Accessory - This addition allows the manufacture of mixtures into a layer of dough  which rests on a sheet of paper. This sheet can then be filled with other products to allow you to sell something different

Sheeter optional extras (please note a Sheeter Accessory is required in addition to one of these moulds):
* Cevapcici Mould (Sheeter)
* Pocket Mould (Sheeter)
* Stick Mould (Sheeter)

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