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Treif ARGON Dicer: Unleash Efficiency and Precision

Experience the pinnacle of dicing excellence with the ARGON Dicer, setting new standards as the highest throughput machine in its class. With an astonishing capacity of up to 2 tons per hour, the ARGON redefines productivity while ensuring accuracy and precision that producers demand.

Revolutionizing Precision with ARGON:

  • Weight Accuracy Redefined: The ARGON embodies the producer's aspiration for perfection. Whether packing units or economy packs, the ARGON delivers the exact weight desired – no more, no less. Its intelligent system halts the cutting process automatically upon reaching the predetermined weight, ensuring flawless consistency.

Capacity and Cutting Prowess:

  • Packing Excellence: Achieve packaging perfection with accurate weight measurements, elevating the integrity of your product offerings.

  • High Cutting Performance: Experience a remarkable cutting performance of up to 2 tons per hour (4,410 lbs per hour), contingent upon the product and degree of filling.

  • Versatility of Programs: Harness the power of up to 50 cutting programs, providing unparalleled flexibility in catering to diverse cutting requirements.

  • Precision in Smaller Cuts: With up to 300 revolutions per minute of the blade, the ARGON excels even in creating smaller dices and strips, without compromising on capacity.

Economic Efficiency at its Best:

  • Versatile Raw Material Processing: Seamlessly process various raw products, ensuring your culinary creativity knows no bounds.

  • Maximized Product Yield: The ARGON maximizes your product yield, minimizing waste and optimizing your operations.

Ergonomic Cleaning and Operator Comfort:

  • Streamlined Cleaning: Effortlessly maintain cleanliness with a consistently ergonomic design, ensuring easy access to all machine parts.

  • Efficient Gridset Changes: Say goodbye to tools. The innovative "Click&Go" grid set system simplifies gridset changes, enhancing operational efficiency.

  • Customized User Rights: Empower your team with user rights on four distinct levels, promoting operational control and security.

Precision and Efficiency in Action:

  • Generous Cutting Chamber: The ARGON's expansive cutting chamber, measuring 550 x 96 x 96 mm (length x width x height), serves as the foundation for its exceptional cutting output.

  • Flexibility Redefined: Enjoy unparalleled flexibility with the ability to toggle between continuous and intermittent cutting modes, enhanced by the freedom to set the blade speed as per your requirements.

  • Optimal Compression: The automatic pre-compression system (AVS) ensures optimal product compression, resulting in uniform cuts every time.

  • Ergonomic Excellence: The one-hand operating system for closing the product loading chamber ensures ergonomic ease and operational simplicity.

DHS System for Efficiency and Longevity:

  • Energy-Saving Innovation: The Dynamic Hydraulic System (DHS) intelligently reduces heat generation, conserving energy and extending product freshness. This innovation also translates to reduced machine wear and tear.

Experience the future of dicing technology with the ARGON. From high throughput to precision cutting, ergonomic finesse to energy efficiency, the ARGON stands as a testament to innovation and excellence in the culinary world.

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