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Treif FELIX Compact 1-Phase Dicer: Precision and Versatility in Every Cut

Unleash a world of cutting and grating possibilities with the Treif FELIX Compact 1-Phase Dicer, designed to elevate your culinary creations. With its spacious cutting chamber, this dicer offers a comfortable loading experience, enabling you to explore a wide array of ingredients.

Dual-Stroke Excellence:

  • Cutting Precision Redefined: The unique dual-stroke, two-part grid system of the Treif FELIX Dicer revolutionizes dicing and strip cutting. By doubling the normal cutting length while reducing cutting pressure, delicate products are transformed with precision and care.

  • Scissors' Cutting Principle: The minimal distance between the blade and grid-set, known as the "scissors' cutting principle," ensures exceptional cutting outcomes. Say goodbye to unwanted "goulash chains."

Dynamic Hydraulic System for Freshness:

  • Longer Freshness: Thanks to the Dynamic Hydraulic System (DHS), the Treif FELIX Dicer generates less heat during cutting, preserving the freshness of your cut products and minimizing the chances of bacterial formation.

Versatile Performance:

  • Wide Range of Applications: From cheese and radishes to carrots and coleslaw, the Treif FELIX Dicer handles various products with finesse. Achieve coarse or fine grating with ease.

Efficiency and Ease:

  • Automatic Synchronization: The drive of the Treif FELIX Dicer synchronizes automatically upon start-up, streamlining your cutting process.

  • Handling Made Simple: Whether you're preparing a substantial amount of meat salad or tackling other tasks, FELIX guarantees swift and effortless handling.

Technical Excellence:

  • Maximum Output: Reach new heights with a maximum theoretical output of 800 kg.

  • Precise Cut-Off Length: Achieve cut-off lengths from 0.5 to 32 mm, providing versatility for various culinary creations.

  • Compact Design: With housing dimensions of 909 mm in length, 748 mm in width, and 1,050 mm in height, FELIX fits seamlessly into your workspace.

  • Efficient Connectivity: The 1.0 kW connecting load ensures energy-efficient performance.

  • Array of Gridsets: Choose from gridsets ranging from 4 mm to 96 mm, tailoring your dicing experience to your needs.

  • User-Friendly Weight: Weighing approximately 173 kg (381 lb), FELIX balances efficiency with manageable size.

Customize Your Experience:

  • Product-Specific Accessories: Tailor your dicing adventure with an array of product-specific accessories, available upon request.

Elevate your culinary precision, efficiency, and creativity with the Treif FELIX Compact 1-Phase Dicer. Explore the art of cutting and grating like never before.

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