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Treif FLEXON: Unleash Culinary Versatility

Introducing the culinary marvel, the Treif FLEXON. Crafted to cater to the distinctive demands of small to medium-sized businesses and catering establishments, the FLEXON offers a world of versatile applications, positioning itself as an indispensable asset in the kitchen. This powerhouse effortlessly dices meats, sausages, and cheeses, masterfully slices potatoes and cucumbers, and even grates cheese, all while delivering impeccable outcomes. With precision in every cut, the FLEXON stands as the epitome of culinary creativity.

Exquisite Features and Advantages:

  • Exceptional Cutting Efficiency: The FLEXON's spacious cutting chamber, measuring 550 x 96 x 96 mm, guarantees top-notch cutting efficiency, maximizing productivity with every operation.

  • Optimal Product Compression: The automatic precompression system ensures optimal product compression, resulting in consistently impressive and uniform cuts.

  • Ergonomic Ingenuity: Designed with ergonomic finesse, the one-hand operating system for closing the product loading chamber ensures seamless operation and user comfort.

  • Flexibility Unleashed: Toggle between continuous and intermittent cutting modes, allowing the FLEXON to adapt seamlessly to your culinary requirements.

  • Hassle-Free Cleaning: Simplify maintenance with the FLEXON's ergonomic design, facilitating effortless cleaning and upkeep.

  • Energy-Efficient DHS System: Employing the Dynamic Hydraulic System (DHS), the FLEXON minimizes heat generation, conserving energy and prolonging product freshness. This innovation also contributes to reduced machine wear and tear.

  • Precision Cutting Innovation: The innovative dual-stroke, two-part grid system ensures precise dicing and stripe dicing of delicate products by offering double the normal cutting length at reduced cutting pressure.

  • "Scissors' Cutting Principle": The close proximity between the blade and gridset, known as the "scissors' cutting principle," guarantees impeccable cutting results, preventing the formation of undesirable "goulash chains."

  • Versatility in Grating: Whether coarse or fine, the FLEXON's prowess extends to grating various products like cheese, radishes, carrots, or coleslaw, elevating your culinary repertoire.

  • Automated Drive Harmony: The FLEXON's drive synchronizes automatically upon activation, streamlining your workflow and eliminating operational complexities.

  • Effortless Separating Slide: The ingeniously designed curving motion of the separating slide allows convenient one-hand operation, enabling maximum chamber utilization and operational efficiency.

Technical Prowess:

  • Maximum Output: Achieve remarkable output levels of up to 1,400 kg/h, ensuring consistent productivity and culinary finesse.

  • Cut-Off Length: Create cutting lengths ranging from 0.5 to 32 mm, granting unparalleled flexibility in your culinary endeavors.

  • Compact Dimensions: The FLEXON boasts dimensions of 1,517 mm in length, 748 mm in width, and 1,050 mm in height, optimizing space utilization.

  • Powerful Connection: With a connecting load of 1.2 kW, the FLEXON strikes the perfect balance between power and efficiency.

  • Versatile Gridsets: Select from a wide array of gridset options, including 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 20, 24, 32, and 48 mm, tailored to your culinary aspirations.

  • Built to Last: With a weight of approximately 230 kg, the FLEXON is designed for robustness and endurance, ensuring longevity in demanding environments.

Elevate your culinary craftsmanship with the extraordinary Treif FLEXON. From precision cutting to ergonomic finesse, this remarkable machine redefines the culinary landscape with unmatched versatility and excellence.

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