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Discover the remarkable Treif Twister, a powerhouse of industrial innovation designed for seamless operation and effortless maintenance, delivering exceptional high-performance dicing capabilities.

With a capacity of up to 3,500 kg/h, the Twister redefines productivity.

Precision Cutting and Capacity

  • Experience top-tier cutting precision thanks to the advanced AVS and DHS systems
  • Enjoy unparalleled flexibility and performance through the choice of continuous or intermittent cutting, with the added benefit of adjustable blade speeds
  • Enhance product quality with the optional product quality assurance (PQS) feature, preventing any lubricants from entering the cut product

Cost-Efficient Excellence

  • Uncover an economical solution that guarantees impeccable cutting quality in the mid-range performance segment
  • Achieve optimal product compression with the automatic pre-pressing (AVS) system

Effortless Cleaning and Operator Comfort

  • Experience ergonomic ease, both during operation and cleaning procedures
  • Access all machine components effortlessly, facilitating hassle-free cleaning
  • Change gridsets with utmost convenience using the “Click&Go” feature, eliminating the need for additional tools
  • Maximize productivity with a spacious cutting chamber for higher filling capacity
  • Benefit from a robust gridset drive that's resistant to jet washing, ensuring long-lasting functionality
  • Consider the optional hygiene cylinder for maintaining a pristine cutting chamber

Combining flexibility and peak performance, the Twister offers both continuous and intermittent cutting options, along with customizable blade speeds.

  • Keep the discharge belt aligned with the standard guide key, prolonging belt life
  • Attain superior product compression through the automatic pre-compression system (AVS)
  • Simplify data backup with the USB connection (standard)
  • Operate with ease using the ergonomic one-hand system for closing the loading chamber, sized at 550 x 120 x 120 mm (LxWxH)
  • Opt for the patented gentle cut gridset for delicate products
  • Ensure no hydraulic oil contamination with the optional hygiene cylinder, safeguarding product purity

The Treif Twister is your pathway to unrivaled efficiency and precision in dicing technology, setting the standard for excellence in your operations.

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