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The Turbovac D10 vacuum packer is the new version of the 700STE XL vacuum packer. Built to the same high specifications and made from high grade stainless steel, the D10 vacuum packer is a great choice for your vacuum packing requirements. 

The D10 vacuum packing machine has a swing over lid that is balanced on lid springs to enable the operator to move the lid across with very little effort. The advantage of using a double chambered vacuum packer over a single chambered one is that the operator can be preparing the next lot of products and positioning them correctly in the chamber whilst the vacuum packer is vacuum packing more products in the other chamber. This speeds up the vacuum packing process considerably.

The control panel for the D10 vacuum packer is fully digitally controlled, featuring a sensor control that is accurate to 1Mbar and continues to pull a vacuum until the set amount is reached. This sensor control can reduce vacuum packing time and enables the operator to create the same amount of vacuum for every product they pack.

The D10 vacuum packer comes with four seal beams, two in each chamber, which are positioned to the front and rear of the chamber. They are 620mm in length and the distance between the two is 520mm. Each seal beam creates a double seal on the vacuum bag, however the machine can be upgraded so that cut off wire can be used to replace one of the seal elements and the two different wires are controlled independently from the control panel.

The vacuum packer can be easily cleaned, maintained and serviced. The control panel features something called 'service management' and this tells the operator when the vacuum packer requires a service. Vacuum packer service kits are available to purchase from our website and come complete with everything you require as well as a full instruction manual to talk you through how to do it.

All the electrical parts of the vacuum packing machine are covered by IP65 water and dust level protection. The vacuum packer is also fitted with a world-renown Busch vacuum pump, Busch coat all the internal components of the vacuum pump to further improve their life. The pump fitted as standard is 100m3 but you do have the option of a 160m3 pump if you would like the vacuum packer to complete its cycle a bit quicker.

If you think this machine is a little too small for your production needs then take a look at the D30 or even the D40 vacuum packers. If you think this machine is too big for you and you would require a single chambered machine then take a look at the M50 vacuum packer.

  • External Dimensions (WxDxH) 1440x900x1205mm
  • Usable Chamber Dimensions (WxDxH) 620x520x230mm
  • Seal Length 2 x 620mm (double seal) in each chamber
  • Cycle Time 20-40 secs
  • Voltage 400-3-50 Hz
  • Power 4.4kW
  • Weight 350kg
  • Pump Busch 100m3

Vacuum packer options (please call for pricing)

  • Gas flush
  • Busch 63m3 pump (1ph or 3ph)
  • Busch 200m3 pump

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