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The Ubert RT408 chicken rotisserie is the largest chicken rotisserie Superior Food Machinery sell. This machine can be double stacked to produce the RT416.

The RT408 is capable of holding up to 48 chickens on 8 spits with each spit taking 5 chickens. The spits that comes as standard with the machine can be replaced on the chicken rotisserie with baskets or grill pans to allow you to cook other products and increase your sales.

The Ubert chicken rotisseries produce products which are crispy on the outside yet tender and juicy inside. This is due to many years of development and experience in the field. The chicken rotisseries can be relied on even under the greatest pressure and will last you many years to come.

The chicken rotisserie has a innovative four stream convection system, which put simply concentrates the energy and air flow over the product in the most cost effective way, substantially increasing cooking times compare to other brands.Even when the chicken rotisserie is being loaded or unloaded the energy loss is minimal.

Placed in your shop window the chicken rotisserie invites customer into your shop by way of smell and look, no one can resist the smell of cooking chickens, and can help increase your regular customers.

Ubert have several different models in their range, which means that there will be a model that is suitable for every customers requirements. If you believe that the RT408 is too large for your production needs, then take a look at their other models; RT303s, RT404, RT406.

Also take a look at Ubert's range of hot display cabinets to display your cooked products.


  • Chicken Rotisserie External Dimensions (WxDxH) 1000x750x1010mm
  • Chicken Rotisserie Internal Dimensions (WxDxH) 750x735x730mm
  • Chicken Rotisserie Capacity 40-48 Chickens
  • Chicken Rotisserie Number of Spits 8
  • Chicken Rotisseri Power 11kW 3ph 32A


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